General export sales conditions – March 2015

General export sales conditions
Any placed order to SOFRIE SAS applies without restriction its whole terms of sales conditions, notwithstanding any contrary specification stated in our general sales conditions or any document from our customers.
These general sales conditions supersede all prior conditions valid till this March 2015.


SOFRIE’s prices are indicated for reference only and are subject to change due to currency fluctuation, increase of raw materials, transport and others, without notice prior.
Prices are indicated in Euro currency, exclusive of tax, based on EXW (Ex Works) La Courneuve (France) warehouses condition.
Complete sales conditions can be sent on request. Please send an email to your usual contact.


Except written notification, quotes are valid for 15 calendars days, starting from the issuing date. At the end of the validity delay, the quote is obsolete and can only be extended by SOFRIE.
Quotes and offers are without any obligation on SOFRIE’s side, unless they are signed by an authorized person.


First order must be settled before shipment either by Swift TT transfer, by credit card (Visa & MasterCard only) or by PayPal. Credit card payment is subject to previous agreement.
Other payment condition is subject our insurance partner agreement.
Should any payment be delayed, the credit line would be automatically cancelled, T/T transfer payment would be required before shipment. SOFRIE reserves the right to withhold orders, without prejudice of quite other right and resort.
Transfer payment bank’s fees are fully borne by the drawee, if they are not, they will have to be pre-paid on proforma invoice.
Transfer of property:
Until full payment, the supplied goods remain the property of SOFRIE (80-335 – 12/05/80) even the concerned products have been re-invoiced to a third party.


Delivery time:
The delivery time is not contractual and is given for guidance. Any delay can’t involve neither order cancellation nor refund nor any penalty payment.
Delivery terms
Minimum order amount: 300 euros
Orders are sold under Ex Work’s term, expect special conditions.
FCA forwarder at Paris airports is accepted for a minimum order of 1500 euros per delivery.
FCA forwarder at Le Havre or anywhere else in France is accepted for a minimum order of 1500 Euros per delivery.
For other incoterms, please contact our export sales department.
The goods are transported at the consignee’s risks.
In case of damages or losses, the reserves must be notified on the carrier’s delivery document. These reserves must be confirmed by a registered letter sent to SOFRIE within 4 days after the delivery.
Sample orders:
Sample’s order below 100 euros involves a sample charge of 30 euros. This extra cost will be refund on of order’s confirmation.


1- Customized products - Special productions
Customized product’s order (printed products in France or expressly produced on customer request) must include:
General export sales conditions – March 2015
- 30% deposit (of order total amount)
- SOFRIE’s agreement on specific conditions – price, delivery time and payment term.
Personalized products artwork development and pre-production sample cost: 150 euros
All special orders are subjected to approval sample. The customer will take whole responsibility regarding the conformity of the delivery after approval sample acceptance.
A customized order can’t be cancelled. Deposit payment will not be either reimbursed or be considered as a credit note.
Printing on products is irreversible, customized products won’t be either taken back or replaced.

2- Sampling
Samples can’t be lent.
The minimum sample order amount: 50 euros.
Below this amount, 30 euros charge will be invoiced.


Supplementary expenses for certificate of conformity, customs document ex1, are borne by customers.
• Certificate of origin charge: 30 euros per origin, per invoice (excluding carriage cost)
• Customs document EX1 charge: 52 euros per invoice (excluding carriage cost)
• Fumigated pallet: 20 euros /pc


1- Order amendment
Any customer requested order amendment will be valid after only a letter is received by SOFRIE 8 days before SOFRIE delivers the goods and agrees with (personalized products excepted)

2- Conformity
Goods travel at customer’s own risks; these must be carefully checked during the delivery. This checking must be especially done on quality, quantities, and references of the merchandise as well as the conformity of the order.
Products from current catalogue are principally available on stock in shown finishing.
With the aim of improving constantly the quality of its products, SOFRIE reserves the right to modify the technological or esthetic aspect of references shown in its catalogue, without prior notice. SOFRIE cannot be liable for typographical mistakes on catalogue or price list that would not have been modified.

3- Claims
Whatever claims are, it will be accepted only within 15 days from the date of the delivery.

4- Returns
Any return of goods must be stating in writing by the buyer, then accepted in writing by SOFRIE.
Returned products must be sent back in their origin condition and full packaging (accessories, and manual instruction) along with an invoice copy of the purchase. Returns are on the expenses of the drawee.
If these conditions were not fulfilled, goods would be automatically refused and sent back to the shipper at his own expenses.
Knowing that printing on products is irreversible, personalized products won’t be either taken back or replaced.


Contractual warranty
SOFRIE’s products are guaranteed against defect of functioning or defect aspect origin for 1 year from the date of purchase.
Products to be under the contractual warranty, the purchasing invoice must be imperatively kept.
The contractual warranty does not cover the following:
• Accessories replacement as batteries, light bulbs, fuses, antennas, headphones, microphone (usury of
recording or reading playing head)
• Wrong and non-conform using of the products.
• Breakdowns due to accessories (electric cable)
• Defects and its consequences connected to a non-conform using of the product (which has to be
professional, collective using).
• Defects and its consequences connected to any external cause.
General export sales conditions – March 2015
Products must be returned or brought back in the same condition as they have been received along with full parts as: accessories, packaging, and instruction manual. Necessary steps to be followed in case of any problem, or a breakdown on a product, please contact SOFRIE by e-mail.


Any litigation referring to the interpretation of general sales conditions will fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of Bobigny Commercial court (France)